When you need a helping hand

When faced with a long-term illness or disability, Jordan offers a variety of community care services to help you.  These include grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy, cleaning clothes, preparing meals, escorting you to the doctor, or helping with your personal care.  This care is performed by a provider (sometimes called a personal care attendant) who has been trained to help meet your individual needs.

How much do community care services cost?

If you receive Medicaid, care may be provided at no cost to you.  Jordan works with the State of Texas to get approval for your care.  Your needs will be evaluated to determine how many hours of service you will need each week.  If you do not have Medicaid, you may still qualify based on your income and several other criteria. 

If you are able to pay for these services with your own funds or have a private insurance that will pay for them, a Jordan representative will inform you during the first visit what charges you can expect.

How often does a provider come to my home?

Every person’s needs are different.  Jordan will work with you and your family to set-up a schedule for the provider to come to your home. 

Community care services may be provided through:

  • Primary Home Care (PHC)
  • Community Based Alternatives (CBA)
  • Family Care (FC)
  • Area Agency on Aging (AAA)
  • Client Managed Personal Assistant Services (CMPAS)
  • Veteran’s Administration (VA)

For more information call Jordan at 1-800-64-NURSE (1-800-646-8773).